Leather flooring

natural leather Parquet and wall coverings

The use of leather products gives contemporary, stylish and eye-catching decoration, full of elegance and simplicity. Canvas leather and parquet floor coverings are made from natural leather and can be restored. They have been created to create a natural cycle that allows you to take advantage of an exceptional flooring with eco-friendly features

Leather tiles with diagonal edges enhance strength and durability, and with appropriate dimensions and geometric delicacy, induce users to sense more than a flooring or leather upholstery, and with their eye-catching and easiest simplicity, reflect the sense of purity in space. Leather tiles with a wide range of natural colors, contemporary textures, and different luminosities with acoustic under layer are available in matte and shiny modes.

It has a different illumination in matte and shiny types
Natural and completely unique texture
Luxury and attractive flooring
Have a pleasant feeling while walking
A lower layer with acoustic feature
No need to use an underlay as substructure
Recyclable to the environmental cycle
Made in Canada

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