Visualizing dreams, giving soul and creative interaction with space is one of our design priorities.

From an idea to reality, we are beside you…

Raph design group started its activities in the field of design and sales of interior decoration products for a variety of spaces based on the principles of architectural engineering, and by using modern methods and creative ideas, has tried to create different types of projects including Offices, commercial, residential, hospitality, medical, etc.

creative approach toward colors , forms, geometric shapes, harmonies of masses , light studies regarding shining and illumination,  using maximum advantage of space, using the high quality material and producing the a same goal in every single part of the project is the main and the most effective goal in our design.


Our Services

Consulting, design, implementation

Consulting, design, implementation

Basic studies, information gathering and visualizing ideas in preliminary design concepts.

Discussing preliminary design concept with the client and adding necessary changes regarding client's program needs and satisfaction.

presenting the final design in high quality 3d rendering and architectural drawings.
providing necessary confirmations for starting the project's construction phase.

providing weekly reports to the client finishing the project according to time schedule and budget with the final confirmation of the client.