Outdoor wood

The QUICK DECK outer space collection range offers a wide range of pre-built terraces, as well as terraces, suitable for the construction of the alder, roof terrace, bath, sauna, etc
Its simple click system is suitable for execution on all internal and external hard floors. Through tiny plastic supporters, very little time will be spent on installing or removing tiles.
The QUICK DECK wood is produced from its hard wood, which is dried without the use of chemicals at 200 ° C.
In this process, structural changes that improve the quality and efficiency of wood will be done on it.
The product obtained from this process is very durable and will be an ideal material for use in outdoor spaces such as terraces or open space patios with a variety of seasonal change.
the ash thermo-wood has a warm color, high resistance to decomposition, and a good stand against size variations. This product has a Class 1 resistance.

easy installation and the possibility of separating tiles easily (no need for tools)
High wood resistance in the process of thermal treatment
Ability to be used in indoor and outdoor spaces
High quality during execution to achieve the best results

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